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Do you open your internet banking every day and dread what you'll see?

money lessons to prosper

Can I ask you this?

Are you anxious about money?

Do you open your internet banking every day with dread of what you will see?

Do you love your business but feel like you are spinning your wheels when it comes to making a profit?

Are you serious about building your wealth but have no system in place to make it happen?

Then my 8 week Money Lessons to Prosper and Grow Bootcamp is exactly what you need.

sidecar race start

This is my personal blog where I share my knowledge.

I have drawn a great deal of inspiration for my writing from the years I spent racing sidecars with my father, who was also a very successful businessman. We spent a lot of time together, so there were many lessons learned.

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To secure your spot in my 8 Week Bootcamp apply here.

To secure your spot in my 8 Week Bootcamp apply here.

Master your Money.

The Money Lessons to Prosper and Grow System puts profit first and that profit goes straight into your personal account. You will also learn how to work it so the business pays your tax as well. So the profit you take is yours to build your personal wealth.

I have designed this system to make sure both your business and personal money is managed in a way that you don’t have to stress about money. When done consistently and properly all areas should be covered.

Being a master of money requires time spent building a system, Money Lessons to Prosper and Grow has all the elements that will become the foundation of your wealth. Building wealth doesn't just happen it takes commitment to a system and time.

I Am About Action.

'Taking action is important, but make sure you are actioning that which is important'. Please read that statement again...

I am about Cash Flow and Profit.

Your business must be profitable otherwise, you have an expensive hobby. My purpose is to help people control their cash flow and in turn increase profit.

I am about Setting the Intention to Master Money.

This is about creating rituals for success, working on your mindset and creating the resolve to always be wealthier than you were yesterday.


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Do you have savings?

Saving is the key to wealth. Before I started experimenting with this system I had an amount I could save that was in my comfy zone. This was my ceiling and I never seemed to get past it, my mind knew what it was and that was that. Once I started documenting my saving and goals things changed, it took time and patience, but the momentum rallied in my favour. I changed my mind about how I managed and thought about money.

I was able to prove to myself I could manage what I had and in turn was given more to manage.

How would you like to learn how it did this and with the same business I had been running for years.

How would you like to double your wealth every two years? In money lessons to Prosper and Grow there is a very specific formula if followed will allow you to do just that. It is set up in such a way that it stretches you out of your comfort zone. But, not so much that it is not attainable.

The Core Principles

That ensures your business counterbalances your lifestyle

Love Your Bank Accounts

The key to your success is separating your money and have specific purposes for it. By housing it in different banks accounts you will know you always have your wants and needs covered..

Deserving Money

Understand your story around money and wealth. Have a clear reason for money and use it wisely. Creating rituals and habits that promote a healthy relationship with money energy.

Start with the End in Mind

How much money do you need and how much money do you want? Now is the time to start designing your business and profits to counterbalance your lifestyle. Your profit will determine your wealth.

Set the Intention to Master your Money

Setting the intention to save money will allow it to flow into your everyday life in many different ways. Once I made up my mind to look after my finances, my business improved and so did my life.

Profit By Design

Design your business to be profitable. By keeping tabs on key metrics in the business and ensuring the price you charge is not a guess, it actually covers costs which includes a profit margin.

Your Business Counterbalances Your Lifestyle

By following the system you distribute your profit from the business to yourself weekly. Your business now must meet your cost of living and beyond.

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