The 5 Second Rule. (Not the I dropped my piece of Pizza 5 second rule).

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Sometimes life has a way of sending us little teasers and tests to make sure we are putting into practice what we are learning. Last week I attended a seminar called the Big Juicy Member Maximisation. The seminar was hosted by Business Women Australia and the point of it was to help us as members get the best from being part of the group.

In the first session, Jennifer Rose Bryant the director talked about how to show up to an event. Things like doing your homework on the speaker, learning a bit about the host, making sure you know the etiquette for handing out your cards and not going in for the big sell which everyone hates. The main recommendation that caught my attention was the 5 Second Rule. (Not the I dropped my piece of Pizza 5 second rule). This 5 Second rule involves you doing something outside your comfort zone, by counting down from 5 to 1 and blasting off with that which you are uncomfortable.

This I did on Monday when I received an email from the ABC Radio asking if I would be interviewed on air about the upcoming success circle I am hosting. I was totally out of my comfort zone, counted down from 5 and did it. 

blast off

This rule comes from Mel Robbins, now the funny thing is that on the day when Jennifer was talking about the 5 second rule I didn’t hear her say that, I had never heard of Mel Robbins until a few day later I was on youtube where a Ted Talk from Mel Robbins came up and she talk about the 5 second rule. This is what I love about being a human, the right information is placed in front of us at the right time, we just need to listen.


My point for writing about this is that exposing ourselves gives us opportunities but, it is the action that makes those opportunities work for us. Taking action and being focused on the result is how to achieve our goals. In my last blog, Keeping Momentum on What is Important By Using Power Statements, I wrote about my future vision and I show an image from my vision stating ‘I want to hone my skills as a speaker’, this I put out there for you all to read.

Being contacted by the radio station on Monday is the start to reaching my future vision of being paid to speak. Ok, it was only two minutes, it was totally off the cuff, not the precise, crafted talk that I have imagined in my mind. In fact, I don’t even remember what I said, somehow that doesn't matter to me, I had a go, it was very scary and I survived.

Above you will see I have added an image from facebook. At the seminar, we were encouraged to share our wins...

Yet again, the 5-second rule out of my comfort zone to brag, but I did it anyway.

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