Keeping Momentum on What is Important By Using Power Statements

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The Entrepreneurial Curse is Too Many Ideas.

As entrepreneurs we tend to have many ideas that come to us, this can be a curse because it waters down the focus that is needed to succeed. I find being mindful of my main plan helps me keep distractions or new ideas under control. I do this by planning out each year before it starts.

At the end of each year, I write my future vision for the following year, this is how I stay focused. Not everything comes to fruition from my vision but I know that it is a place I can go to keep the momentum on what is important. If an idea comes to me I go back to my vision and if it is not in alignment with it or my goals then I park it for another time.

I write as if what I want to achieve has already happened, I create it like a slide deck with pictures, quotes and inspriational sayings.

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I write my vision in a way that it pushes me out of my comfort zone, but, not so far that it scares me into not wanting to do it. The best way to test this is to share it with someone close to you if you are confident enough to share it you are confident with your ability to achieve the outcomes.

For many years I have written goal cards and carried them around in my handbag, taking them out every so often to reinforce my progress. Actually, when I look back on them I have a little giggle because when I first started I would write goals that I honestly never thought I would achieve. They were big and audacious, the funny thing is that most have now been achieved.

Future vision 2017

I am a firm believer in planning and writing down that what you want to achieve. I have a simple exercise book and each morning I start my day with journaling. I use a method taught to me by my mentor Roger Hamilton. This helps me gain clarity.

I have just read 'My Power Statements' by Vida Carlino.

I am always keen to learn ways to help me improve my chances of better success. I read the book cover to cover and I love the way the chapters were written, they progressed through the book like a self-help manual or a mini course on learning how to step up your game. When I finished it I start to flick through the pages and found it to be like a recipe book, you could choose an area of your life that you want to focus on and find inspiration that you could try at any time.

Vida reinforces the need to be mindful of our thoughts and to ensure we don’t give up on our dreams, that we push past that place where we are ready to give up, she shows examples of people who have almost given up to find that just beyond that point is when their success came.

How we show up is how we are perceived, Vida talks about this, how what we do and think today is the reality of our tomorrow. I have personally experienced this, below is a statement in my future vision I wrote in 2012.

“I travel the world with Lindsey and enjoy the cultures of other countries. I am grateful for the travel I have already enjoyed and I love to learn about new cultures and people of different origins to me. Each year I travel with Lindsey to different countries, we have an unlimited budget for travel we travel often for pleasure and for work in all manner of classes including first class or whatever is available for the purpose of our enjoyment, we both love travelling together.”

Today, I am writing this blog from Lembongan an island off Bali, we are here for five days then we head to Sanur for three days. Ok, that might not sound so amazing, however, seven days ago I had no idea I would be here. Last Tuesday, Lindsey woke up and said, ‘I need a break and I am not busy at work how about we go away’. It took one day to organise, the tickets were booked on Wednesday night and we were on a plane at 7:30 am Friday morning.

The thing is back in 2012 I didn’t believe in my wildest dreams that the above statement was going to be true. What is true is that at that time I set a plan for it to happen, I created a financial method to make sure we had the money to travel when and where we wanted. Five years later I am living what I thought would be a dream.

We must own the outcomes of what we get from our life and take full responsibility for them, it is our own doing that creates the results we achieve. It is so easy to blame others when things go wrong. Vida urges us to look at these moments and genuinely reflect back at how these have affected what is happening in the here and now. But more importantly how it will play out in the future. The great thing is that we can immediately change our thinking, plan better and change the outcome for the future.

The ideas in Vida’s book work, she has taken a complex process and made it very simple. If you are stuck in a cycle where you don’t feel like you are making the progress you desire Vida has provided the tools that help you move through this.

My Power Statement: Creating a transformed life. Simple tools to quickly turn your life into the one you desire.

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