Success In Life Comes From What We Fill Our Brain With

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Our brain is like a radio, and what we tune into will make a huge difference to our success. After spending time with my mentor Roger James Hamilton and the people within his community, I am seeing changes in my life. And how my own growth is transforming. Being surrounded by people who are successful in business is really opening my mind to a lot more possibilities.

Many of us have our brain tuned into the wrong radio station, and that is why we keep spinning our wheels. Roger says we need to hone in on what our purpose is. Finding our purpose helps to create flow. When we are in flow life becomes simpler because we are doing the thing we love.

Once you discover what your purpose is you will find success. The next step is to find customers who are in line with your purpose and discover what problems they are experiencing. This is where your success will come from, from asking who you can help and how you can add value to your customer's lives.

Being of service to your customers comes directly from their need to have a problem solved. By asking them what their problem is you will know how to help them. It is important to build their trust. There are five elements in the process of building trust and in turn them allowing you to help your customers solve their problem.

Element 1 Creating Rapport

This is about tuning into another person’s energy and talking to them in ways that are engaging. By being curious about them, you will build their trust. People work with those they feel comfortable with. Success will come from what other people love. If you can tap into what is important to your customer, you will be successful.

Element 2 Authority

Build authority by showing proof that you stand for something. Being the authority in your field creates trust. People want to work with those who know what they are talking about. Make sure you have the knowledge to support you and give testimonials to your customers showing that you can deliver what you promise. Being an authority should be part of your personal brand.

Element 3 Direction

If you are an authority in your field people will take direction from you. Only give advice if it is wanted. Trying to force people to make decisions is not being in flow, focus on those that want your help, and you will find them easier to deal with.

Element 4 Inspiration

Another word for information is inspiration when you are inspired, you are more likely to give your best information. Once you begin to share your knowledge, your prospective customers will trust you and be more likely to act and work with you.

Element 5 Ownership

Take ownership of your purpose and be inspired to share your knowledge. If a customer has a problem you can solve, let them take ownership of the process and support them through it successfully. Once you give them the answers, you will become their inspiration. The best ideas come from solving other people's problems, so start with the biggest and help find a solution.

A couple of important points when it comes to moving forward in your business.

There are a couple of important points to moving forward in business, and Roger explains it this way. Don’t get stuck on your best idea. People who have not been in business or are starting a new one tend to do this. They then, ask the wrong people for validation, and that is usually themselves, or they will find someone who will tell them their idea is good. The reason they do this is that people need to feel valued and validated, but, that is not how they will find success, success comes from asking customers what their biggest problem is and working with them to solve it. Trying to get approval for the best idea will hinder progress.

We tend to hold onto things even when they are not working. Let go of that which is not, and allow yourself to move to the next level by going with your flow. That then becomes your mission. You will be in flow and able to help your customers exceed their expectations.

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