Dad Said 'A Race Isn't Won On The First Corner

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Dad and me checking our times after a race. Dad and me checking our times after a race.

This is my personal blog where I share my knowledge.

The knowledge I share here is based on 30 years of being in business, and my life experiences. I have had so many wonderful mentors over the years and now it is my turn to give back to my fellow Entrepreneurs.

I have drawn a great deal of inspiration for my writing from the years I spent racing sidecars with my father Ralph Briotti, who was also a very successful businessman.

We spent a lot of time together, so there were many lessons learned.

Dad said ‘a race is never won on the first corner. It’s won by being smart and positioning yourself ready to make a move.’

This is such a great statement for both business and racing. The funny thing is that when I think about dad as a businessman, it was pretty much the same. He only ever took calculated risks in his business dealings. The only time things didn’t go well for him was when he was pressured by other people, which wasn’t often.

He always wanted to be the best and he wanted to win

When we were kids Mum and Dad had a supermarket in a farming town. When they bought it, it is was run down and had little stock, but it didn’t take long for them to fill up the shelves and turn it into thriving business. They kept up with all the trends and listened to their customers, always willing to bring in new lines.

He was the same after a race, it would be straight back to the pits to work out how we could squeeze more out of the engine, or improve our cornering to better our times. We were always looking for ways to go faster, and to win.

Don’t make changes that can potentially damage your success.

Business is no different. As business owners we need to always be looking at better ways of being efficient and improving. Don’t tinker for tinkering sake. If it’s not broken and is doing the job, don’t make changes that can potentially damage your success.

Another lesson I learned from Dad was to put the tools back in the place I got them from. He could go to his tool box with his eyes closed and get the tool he wanted. He would get so mad with me if tools weren’t in the right place.

This is the same in business, it's important to be consistent, for this is what customers expect. Just like Dad with his tool box, if something needed to be fixed between races there was no time to be looking for tools.

Focus on the goal of staying on track and winning

Now I urge you to remember, 'the race isn’t won on the first corner'. That's not to say we never overcooked the first corner, we did. Just like being in business, at the start you go out hell for leather, make mistakes and run off track. What is important is that you learn from your mistakes and focus on the goal of staying on track and winning.

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