Nichola Caddy

Nichola Caddy

Wednesday, 27 December 2017 09:05



Entrepreneurs notoriously will keep going way longer when challenged, when others would give up at the first sign of a problem. Their stamina may come at the expense of their health.

Our bodies are a feedback loop to our health if we listen to it, it will tell us when we are out of balance. 

But this takes quiet contemplation.

Sit quietly, listen and focus on what your body needs to maintain health and keep up with the stresses you place on it.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017 08:56



You have brilliant plans in store, remain optimistic and focused.

Having faith in your plans and knowing what you want and when you want it will attract the right partners who will know to help execute your plans.

Trust that what you have in your heart is a guiding light that will attract the right people to you.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017 13:09



Customers value honesty, who you serve and how they behave as your customers is a direct reflection of who you are.

You will attract to you the type of customers that resonate with you. It is up to you to change yourself into the type of person you wish to serve.

Being honest, leading by example and having an abundance mentality will attract new customers.

Be an example of the types of customers you wish to serve.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017 12:43

Your Business


There are telling signs all around you that are either on track or not, it is up to you to take notice.

Be open to the unlimited possibilities that can lead to your business's success. 

Your business will thrive when you pay close attention to repeated signs.

The obvious is sometimes not always that obvious. Watch for, take notice of and trust in the signs that are shown to you.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017 11:59


Inner Child

Be who you are in the moment, being optimistic about your future holds the key to your reputation.

Be sure to balance your life with work and play. Let go of your inhibitions and allow yourself to play a bigger game.

Live truthfully to who you are and others will be attracted to you, be a role model for those around you to aspire too.

Create time to be who you are wholly for all to see.

Saturday, 09 December 2017 14:39

Business History

Over the years with my husband Lindsey I have been involved in several businesses.  I was 19 years old when we married in 1985, in 1986 we bought our first business this was an airline catering company in the North West of WA in a town called Karratha.  Lucky for us, my parents financed this business and gave us a loan of $50 000.  This we quickly paid back with interest.

A Loan of $20 000

Not long after that I finished my qualifications as a hairdresser and immediately opened my own salon in the business district of Karratha, we set the salon up with a loan of $20 000 which included working capital for the first few months.  This was an immediate success, we name the salon 'Cadiz' which we ran from 1987 to 1989 this was a major learning curve one that would set me on my way to being an entrepreneur.

We worked and lived in Karratha from 1985 to 1991

We Lived in a caravan for the first two years, if any of you reading don't know Karratha or have not been there that is a feat in itself as it is damn hot.  We were quickly inspired to by a two bedroom unit in the town.

Our first son Levi was born in Karratha in 1990 and we left there about 18 months later. 

Interestingly we sold the airline catering business in 1993 two years after leaving Karratha, where we were managing it remotely from Perth and just missed the demise of Anset.

After Karratha we purchased a caravan park in Cervantes WA, Cervantes is a thriving little tourist town with the famous Pinnacle Desert just on the fringe of the community.

We spent 10 years in Cervantes from 1994 to 2004

In 1995 I gave birth to twins Morgan & Jaspar, now with three boys and a very busy caravan park to run my life definitely got interesting.  Living in such a small community has is trials and tribulations the population was about 500 on a good week.  I found myself involved in all manner of committees and community groups.  This is the best way to learn about yourself and to learn leadership skills.

After the caravan park we took a year off travelling with the children, then found ourselves living in beautiful Bunbury WA.  Where we purchased our first debt collection agency South West Collections in June 2004, in October 2006 we purchased our second debt collection agency Bouvard Collection Agency now known as BCA Debt.

We are now into our 14th year in Bunbury and going very strong


In the last 14 year I have had a major learning curve, going into the debt collection industry, this has given me untold experience and insights into how people run their lives and their businesses. 

Both Lindsey and myself, are very proud of our efforts and the efforts of all our staff.


I learned an amazing lesson in resilience.

The last few weeks have been manic for a bunch of mums who have talented children who enter the annual Eisteddfod here in my community.The last few weeks have been manic for a bunch of mums who have talented children who enter the annual Eisteddfod here in my community.

My beautiful sister is one such mum, not only my sister but my mum too. She lives up north, which is a five-hour drive and she came to my sister's aid because my niece was involved in a week of dance. I would like to say my niece is super talented, but honestly, I have no idea about any of this dance stuff, and I am way too one-eyed to be impartial. 

My niece is gorgeous in looks and personality.

At 12 years old, she is a petite ball of energy and wisdom. What I learned from her on the day I went to watch her was a lesson I will never forget. I am choked up while writing this.
You see the night before her final performance I messed up as an auntie. More on that later when I will share an excellent lesson which I learned from her.

Knowing me well, my sister only asked me to come and watch one session which was on a Saturday and the last day of the Eisteddfod. I have three grown son’s, so her consideration towards me, having already endured my own years of watching other people's children perform and the few minutes I got to see my children, was very much appreciated.

There was a strong rivalry present

The majority of the performers were quite good. There are two dance schools in town. Therefore a strong rivalry was evident. Some of the little treasures had gotten themselves in such a nervous state, they ran off the stage in tears. My heart went out to them, the courage to get up on stage and perform in front of their peers, the rival dance school, and their family is huge. Not to forget the panel of judges. These kids are amazing.
Back to my niece’s solo performance. When she came onto the stage her peers shouted words of encouragement, she was the only one they did this for, a testament to her popularity and ability.

Although tiny, she still filled the stage with her presence, her performance was amazing, and as soon as the music started, her timing was perfectly executed. You could see she was truly enjoying herself and knew she was nailing her performance. I was stunned, I had never seen her perform before, but I could still tell many hours of effort had gone into practicing the dance. I was honestly awe inspired by her, and from what I had seen in the other dancers she had a good chance to be in the top range of the performers. It was really exciting.

I messed up as an auntie

OK, let me go back to how I messed up as an auntie. A few nights before the performance I was at her house, and I said ‘I am coming to watch, so you had better win.' She was annoyed me for saying that, and that night mum chipped me as well. My response was to say ‘it’s good for her.' Well, it was not ok, I messed up and should not have said it. I have thought long and hard about this because of what happened.

We were brought up with a high level of competitiveness, I am sure it was not deliberate parenting, it's just the way it was, we played lots of sport, and it was expected we would win. Not how things are done these days and for good reason. Research shows that people who are rewarded for results are less likely to try new or difficult tasks because there is a high chance of failure. Whereas people who have been brought up being rewarded for effort are more resilient.

The Importance of being resilient.

Which is what my niece taught me on the day of her performance, the importance of being resilient.

Back to my niece’s performance. Three-quarters of the way through she ran off the stage with her hand over her mouth as if to vomit. Everyone in the crowd was shocked, she was doing so well. My immediate thought was she had been struck with stage fright. Her mother instantly went backstage to find out what had happened.

It turns out she had a coughing fit, as she tried to hold it down, vomit started coming up into her mouth and she had to run-off before she vomited on stage. It was assumed not only by me, she had stage fright, but she did not, she wasn't nervous because she had practiced and she knew her routine. It was an unfortunate event. We were devastated for her, hours of effort had gone into practicing the dance routine.

I would have taken to my bed and stayed there.

If that had been me, I would have gone home crying taken to my bed and stayed there, and I may have given up altogether. But not my niece, she was given another opportunity to go back on stage and finish her dance. She returned to the stage, smiled and gave it her best shot. At that moment she was the teacher, teaching me to never give up no matter what adversity is put in front of me. She had been disqualified for leaving the stage in her initial performance but was given the opportunity to return to the stage if she wished. She returned to the stage, and in front of her family, friends, and rivals repeated her performance.

Maturity beyond her years

The courage it took for her to do this showed a maturity beyond her years, and I am so proud to have been given this life lesson by my beautiful niece. When you have a setback get back on stage and do it again.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017 07:37

What makes a good business community?

I recently had a friend email me with a question about her budget and the value of continuing her membership to a business network. She was wanting to get clarity around the value the group offered from a monetary perspective.

I pondered her question for 24 hours.

I know when you are doing a budget sometimes even the smallest amount of money wasted can make big difference to your bottom line. Especially if you have lots of small amounts going out on low-value items every month. So, I wanted to make sure I gave good advice.

Taking part in networking groups means different things for us all. We all have our own reasons for being involved in a particular group. I am heavily involved in two, and two others that I am on the fringe of. I am in each one for different reasons, and I pay varying amounts to be a member of each of them.

It is interesting to see how different people use the communities they are part of, but essentially if you are going to invest in networking communities, you need to be either earning, learning or building relationships. If you are not doing this, then you are wasting your time.

What makes a good networking community?

Like I said earlier there are many reasons to be involved in different groups. But, how I judge the groups I am involved in is like this. If I was not a member what would I be missing out on? Most people have a need to be included, it makes them feel special. I fall away from a group once I lose the feeling of being special and don’t I feel like I am missing anything. This always comes back to the relationships I have built amongst the people in the group.

My business mentor Roger Hamilton says, 'Your wealth is what you have left when you have lost everything.' What he means by this is, if you lost all your assets today, your true level of wealth is how quickly you can recover and regain that which you lost.

My interpretation of this is, our ability to recover from losing everything comes from the people we know and the quality of those relationships. If you were to find yourself in this position which network or community of people could you go to get help to recover.

community fun
Crystal Circle Conference 2016 Bali - Roger Hamilton's Community of Entrepreneurs

Be keenly involved in 3 communities

I believe, to recover and to keep all bases covered, you need to be keenly involved in building relationships in 3 communities. But this will only work if you are active and prepared to build those relationships.
The value of the communities that I am in is in its members, not for what they offer in monetary value because those members may never be my clients, but they know and trust me as a person. Therefore they will refer potential business to me.

I know if I was ever in a position where I had lost everything I could go to my community, and they would help me to recover.

The advice I gave my friend was to ‘decide if you are in the right community to get that help. If not find another one that will give you the relationships that will help build you up when you are down.

Sometimes life has a way of sending us little teasers and tests to make sure we are putting into practice what we are learning. Last week I attended a seminar called the Big Juicy Member Maximisation. The seminar was hosted by Business Women Australia and the point of it was to help us as members get the best from being part of the group.

In the first session, Jennifer Rose Bryant the director talked about how to show up to an event. Things like doing your homework on the speaker, learning a bit about the host, making sure you know the etiquette for handing out your cards and not going in for the big sell which everyone hates. The main recommendation that caught my attention was the 5 Second Rule. (Not the I dropped my piece of Pizza 5 second rule). This 5 Second rule involves you doing something outside your comfort zone, by counting down from 5 to 1 and blasting off with that which you are uncomfortable.

This I did on Monday when I received an email from the ABC Radio asking if I would be interviewed on air about the upcoming success circle I am hosting. I was totally out of my comfort zone, counted down from 5 and did it. 

blast off

This rule comes from Mel Robbins, now the funny thing is that on the day when Jennifer was talking about the 5 second rule I didn’t hear her say that, I had never heard of Mel Robbins until a few day later I was on youtube where a Ted Talk from Mel Robbins came up and she talk about the 5 second rule. This is what I love about being a human, the right information is placed in front of us at the right time, we just need to listen.


My point for writing about this is that exposing ourselves gives us opportunities but, it is the action that makes those opportunities work for us. Taking action and being focused on the result is how to achieve our goals. In my last blog, Keeping Momentum on What is Important By Using Power Statements, I wrote about my future vision and I show an image from my vision stating ‘I want to hone my skills as a speaker’, this I put out there for you all to read.

Being contacted by the radio station on Monday is the start to reaching my future vision of being paid to speak. Ok, it was only two minutes, it was totally off the cuff, not the precise, crafted talk that I have imagined in my mind. In fact, I don’t even remember what I said, somehow that doesn't matter to me, I had a go, it was very scary and I survived.

Above you will see I have added an image from facebook. At the seminar, we were encouraged to share our wins...

Yet again, the 5-second rule out of my comfort zone to brag, but I did it anyway.

The Entrepreneurial Curse is Too Many Ideas.

As entrepreneurs we tend to have many ideas that come to us, this can be a curse because it waters down the focus that is needed to succeed. I find being mindful of my main plan helps me keep distractions or new ideas under control. I do this by planning out each year before it starts.

At the end of each year, I write my future vision for the following year, this is how I stay focused. Not everything comes to fruition from my vision but I know that it is a place I can go to keep the momentum on what is important. If an idea comes to me I go back to my vision and if it is not in alignment with it or my goals then I park it for another time.

I write as if what I want to achieve has already happened, I create it like a slide deck with pictures, quotes and inspriational sayings.

future vision 2017 Nichola

I write my vision in a way that it pushes me out of my comfort zone, but, not so far that it scares me into not wanting to do it. The best way to test this is to share it with someone close to you if you are confident enough to share it you are confident with your ability to achieve the outcomes.

For many years I have written goal cards and carried them around in my handbag, taking them out every so often to reinforce my progress. Actually, when I look back on them I have a little giggle because when I first started I would write goals that I honestly never thought I would achieve. They were big and audacious, the funny thing is that most have now been achieved.

Future vision 2017

I am a firm believer in planning and writing down that what you want to achieve. I have a simple exercise book and each morning I start my day with journaling. I use a method taught to me by my mentor Roger Hamilton. This helps me gain clarity.

I have just read 'My Power Statements' by Vida Carlino.

I am always keen to learn ways to help me improve my chances of better success. I read the book cover to cover and I love the way the chapters were written, they progressed through the book like a self-help manual or a mini course on learning how to step up your game. When I finished it I start to flick through the pages and found it to be like a recipe book, you could choose an area of your life that you want to focus on and find inspiration that you could try at any time.

Vida reinforces the need to be mindful of our thoughts and to ensure we don’t give up on our dreams, that we push past that place where we are ready to give up, she shows examples of people who have almost given up to find that just beyond that point is when their success came.

How we show up is how we are perceived, Vida talks about this, how what we do and think today is the reality of our tomorrow. I have personally experienced this, below is a statement in my future vision I wrote in 2012.

“I travel the world with Lindsey and enjoy the cultures of other countries. I am grateful for the travel I have already enjoyed and I love to learn about new cultures and people of different origins to me. Each year I travel with Lindsey to different countries, we have an unlimited budget for travel we travel often for pleasure and for work in all manner of classes including first class or whatever is available for the purpose of our enjoyment, we both love travelling together.”

Today, I am writing this blog from Lembongan an island off Bali, we are here for five days then we head to Sanur for three days. Ok, that might not sound so amazing, however, seven days ago I had no idea I would be here. Last Tuesday, Lindsey woke up and said, ‘I need a break and I am not busy at work how about we go away’. It took one day to organise, the tickets were booked on Wednesday night and we were on a plane at 7:30 am Friday morning.

The thing is back in 2012 I didn’t believe in my wildest dreams that the above statement was going to be true. What is true is that at that time I set a plan for it to happen, I created a financial method to make sure we had the money to travel when and where we wanted. Five years later I am living what I thought would be a dream.

We must own the outcomes of what we get from our life and take full responsibility for them, it is our own doing that creates the results we achieve. It is so easy to blame others when things go wrong. Vida urges us to look at these moments and genuinely reflect back at how these have affected what is happening in the here and now. But more importantly how it will play out in the future. The great thing is that we can immediately change our thinking, plan better and change the outcome for the future.

The ideas in Vida’s book work, she has taken a complex process and made it very simple. If you are stuck in a cycle where you don’t feel like you are making the progress you desire Vida has provided the tools that help you move through this.

My Power Statement: Creating a transformed life. Simple tools to quickly turn your life into the one you desire.

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