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Success Circle Leaders at 'The Women on the Rise' Event Success Circle Leaders at 'The Women on the Rise' Event

I joined Business Women Australia to share my knowledge and give back to other business women.

This is my opportunity to grow my network and build trust in a community of like-minded women.

The energy from the collective group is empowering in itself, even without being in a leadership role, the benefits are amazing. The women are incredible to be around and you can't help but feel uplifted by them.

Since owning BCA Debt, I have spent most of my time in the back office working on growing the business and implementing systems. While I have really enjoyed doing this work and honestly love being in the background, I also realise that I had not made many connections within the business community.

I was asked by a friend Terri Billington, to attend a Business Women Australia event which I really enjoyed. I continued going to the events over the year and got to know the women involved.

After some time I was asked to become a Success Circle Leader, which I accepted. This involves facilitating a monthly event, I am not going to go into how these are run because you can get all that info from their website Business Women Australia.

My reasons for joining the network are varied, but the main one being to promote myself as a brand and to start growing my network. From the beginning, I could see Business Women Australia being a place where I could do this, while it was not my intention to throw myself into a leadership role I am now very grateful for the opportunity to lead and speak to other business women throughout Australia.

I am at a stage of my business life where I have collected a great deal of knowledge and realise it is now  time for me to share that knowledge.

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