Nichola and Lindsey Caddy

So this is me and my Main Man...

We got married in 1985 and have been in business together ever since we have had many businesses over the years and for the last 12 years, we have been working as Mercantile Agents.

Lindsey is actually The Repo Man and if you would like to know more about him you can hop on over to his website at Southwest Collections

As for me, I have been running BCA Debt at the same time and from the same office, we are often asked how we work together all day and still like each other. The short answer is, we have clearly defined roles and respect our differences. Actually, everything works really well so long as I mind my own business and don’t stick my nose in his.


These photos tell a story about us.

They show his sense of humour, he hates me taking selfies but is prone to photo bombing. They also show our love for travel, we travel to eat, mostly street food so anywhere in Asia is fine.

We both love motorbikes and in summer get out on our bike as much as we can.

Plus we both follow the Moto GP and hardly ever miss a race. We have three adult sons, we live in Bunbury for obvious reasons, it's beautiful, there's lots place to go and it's close to everything.


Business History

Written by

Over the years with my husband Lindsey I have been involved in several businesses.  I was 19 years old when we married in 1985, in 1986 we bought our first business this was an airline catering company in the North West of WA in a town called Karratha.  Lucky for us, my parents financed this business and gave us a loan of $50 000.  This we quickly paid back with interest.

A Loan of $20 000

Not long after that I finished my qualifications as a hairdresser and immediately opened my own salon in the business district of Karratha, we set the salon up with a loan of $20 000 which included working capital for the first few months.  This was an immediate success, we name the salon 'Cadiz' which we ran from 1987 to 1989 this was a major learning curve one that would set me on my way to being an entrepreneur.

We worked and lived in Karratha from 1985 to 1991

We Lived in a caravan for the first two years, if any of you reading don't know Karratha or have not been there that is a feat in itself as it is damn hot.  We were quickly inspired to by a two bedroom unit in the town.

Our first son Levi was born in Karratha in 1990 and we left there about 18 months later. 

Interestingly we sold the airline catering business in 1993 two years after leaving Karratha, where we were managing it remotely from Perth and just missed the demise of Anset.

After Karratha we purchased a caravan park in Cervantes WA, Cervantes is a thriving little tourist town with the famous Pinnacle Desert just on the fringe of the community.

We spent 10 years in Cervantes from 1994 to 2004

In 1995 I gave birth to twins Morgan & Jaspar, now with three boys and a very busy caravan park to run my life definitely got interesting.  Living in such a small community has is trials and tribulations the population was about 500 on a good week.  I found myself involved in all manner of committees and community groups.  This is the best way to learn about yourself and to learn leadership skills.

After the caravan park we took a year off travelling with the children, then found ourselves living in beautiful Bunbury WA.  Where we purchased our first debt collection agency South West Collections in June 2004, in October 2006 we purchased our second debt collection agency Bouvard Collection Agency now known as BCA Debt.

We are now into our 14th year in Bunbury and going very strong


In the last 14 year I have had a major learning curve, going into the debt collection industry, this has given me untold experience and insights into how people run their lives and their businesses. 

Both Lindsey and myself, are very proud of our efforts and the efforts of all our staff.


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