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    Get Connected!

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  • Business Women Australia - Success Circle Leader

    I joined Business Women Australia to share my knowledge and give back to other business women. This is my opportunity to grow my network and build trust and a community of like minded women.

    The energy from the collective group is empowering in itself, even without being a in a leadership role, the benefits are amazing. The women are incredible to be around and you can't help but feel uplifted by them.

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  • Start Here

    If you find yourself anxious about money, can’t find time to get to the paperwork and feel like a slave to your business, then join me here. I deliver advice in a quirky manner from my life experiences warts and all.

    I am an expert in cash flow management and budgeting. Most businesses fail because they run out of money, not because they are bad businesses. This website is for you if you want simple business advice that results in more freedom for you and better cash flow for your business.

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  • This Is Me Sharing My Business Journey.

    TI love connecting with inspiring people and along the way I have met so many wonderful poeple. Not just in business, I have a spiders webs of inspiring people in my life from all walks of life.

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Nichola Caddy join me

This is Where I Share My Knowledge.

Join me here

I have had so many wonderful mentors over the years and now it is my turn to give back to my fellow Entrepreneurs.


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  • 2 Learning
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  • 6 Leadership
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  • 8 International Women's Day
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  • 10 Reputation
  • Challenges


    As entrepreneurs we are being challenged constantly by what seems to normal people the unbearable. The truth is, we ask to be challenged by the very nature of who we are. Have gratitude for all that you have and all that you will receive.

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  • Learning

    Present Moment

    We often get caught up in our past memories and forget to be present in the moment. Striving to learn something new each day helps us to let go of past hurts. Learning allows us to grow and become better human beings.When we are learning new things our minds are free to be in the present moment naturally allowing us to let go.

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  • Celebrating


    Look around you and see that life itself is a miracle. Know that each moment you are working towards your success you are achieving miracles. They come through the people you help and your conscious thoughts. Celebrate your small wins for these are your own true miracles.

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  • Teamwork

    Open Your Heart

    Being fully committed to a achieving success with a team takes courage. To do this we need to put your ego to one side and open our hearts. Be vulnerable to not having all the answers or control of each situation. Don't allow emotions to cloud good judgement and get in the way of progress. True success comes from love.

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  • Connections

    Count Your Blessings

    Be grateful for all that you have, our wealth is connected to gratitude. Reach out to others with a helping hand and much will come your way. Nurture those in your life who see your vision for they are the ones who will always be there. Focus on being optimistic and notice what new connections come your way.

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  • Leadership

    Count Your Blessings

    Being a modern leader takes compassion. It is up to us as leaders in this new world to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. We are being watched at every moment, do your best to bring light into this world. We all make mistakes so show compassion to yourself and others. Lead by example and others will want to follow you. Compassionate leaders see others points of view, they are first to resolve issues harmoniously

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  • Profitability


    The amount of money you have is matched to the size of your dreams and aspirations. Your future is created by your present actions. Expect in your heart you will achieve. Plan to make it happen, you are here for a reason.

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  • International Women's Day


    Behind every woman are generations of feminine energy, look to the past and see the power that has been instilled in you.

    Their collective DNA is who you are, give thanks to those who blazed your trail.

    Be still and quiet, feel the joy your ancestors would have to be living your life.

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  • Stepping Up


    Successful business people are always being pushed to step up and take action.

    know that deep in your heart this is honestly the place you wish to be, stepping up is uncomfortable, but once conquered the elation outways that.

    Your success comes from doing that which others do not have the courage to do.

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  • Reputation

    Inner Child

    Be who you are in the moment, being optimistic about your future holds the key to your reputation.

    Be sure to balance your life with work and play. Let go of your inhibitions and allow yourself to play a bigger game.

    Live truthfully to who you are and others will be attracted to you, be a role model for those around you to aspire too.

    Create time to be who you are wholly for all to see.

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What is an Accounts Management System

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